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Englisch lernen, üben und wiederholen im Internet

Grammar Exercises

Here is an interesting link for all those students who enjoy clicking on a choice of buttons and learn English at the same time. All you need is a computer, and a few minutes of extra study time. Your results will improve if you repeat the exercises the next day. Regular users will be most successful. Have fun.

English Language Sources on the Internet

Why not use the internet for learning purposes, too?
FIVE STEPS to become perfect:

  1. Make a habit of looking at a good-quality English website regularly for a few minutes a day. EVERY DAY!
  2. Read along, read aloud, read diagonally, read for pleasure or read for information, BUT: READ!
  3. Check the words you don't know: there are websites that help you find the meaning of the word (,, and others). Or use your old-fashioned book on the shelf. BUT: USE ONE!
  4. Make sure you remember some of the words, structures, stylistic elements used in the text. Type them up in an extra document on your computer, re-read them tomorrow, and don't forget to re-read the entries you made yesterday. REPEAT!
  5. Sooner or later you should notice a progress! Then tell yourself: Well done! By then, your habit might even have changed into a hobby. CONGRATULATIONS!

Here are 14 links to get you started: (enough for the first couple of weeks. And there are, of course, many many more...)

Websites for ESL-Students (ESL = English as a Second Language):
English news for ESL-Students:
- read. listen, fill in gaps, answer questions, and check solutions
- listen while reading (repeatedly): eg: obama09031.html
American collection of (many!) links for ESL-Students:

The Times -
The Guardian -
The Independent -

The New York Times -
The Washington Post -
Chicago Tribune -

The Economist -
Time Magazine -
The New Yorker -

Israel and the Arab world:
The Jerusalem Post -
Al Jazeera -

Internet Movie Database -

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